I’m Not Satisfied with my Bookkeeper. What Alternative Should I Look Towards?

 AD| Everyone has different requirements when running their own business whether it is big or small and we like to ensure everything runs as stress free as possible. However, we are prone to experience some instances that can make our businesses a painful experience to get through, and sometimes it can be having the wrong person for the job or someone who is inexperienced in the area that you require them to be.

Around the end of the financial year you may begin to find that your bookkeeper may not be line with your requirements, but what are the warning signs that you're not getting the service you are paying for?


Lack of Response
Among the large tell-tale signs that things are not as they should be is that simple requests take a long time to get answered, or they don’t get answered at all. Naturally this concern grows to worry that your professional bookkeeper may not be in line with your business needs or could be hiding something or simply not caring about your business. Either way it’s a worry that you shouldn’t be paying for. If the bookkeeper is too tied up to give a response to when they will be available to you or have too many clients to move around, then you may need to take your business to other bookkeeping services in Manchester.

Running Behind
The last thing you want to hear from a bookkeeper is that they are seriously behind on workload, leaving your books needing to be closed right up to a deadline. Solid and professional bookkeeping services are all about making time to get caught up and maintain deadlines, ensuring that your business can grow. When you work with a bookkeeper it is important that deadlines for work are set and they keep things on track to meet those deadlines. If they cannot work to set deadlines, then you need to find small business bookkeeping solutions that will.

They Cannot Explain Terminology
If your bookkeeper doesn’t know what the term ‘reconciliation’ means, then that red flag should be waving like a storm is coming. Every bookkeeper should know the standard terms when it comes to bookkeeping, from cash and accrual-based accounting, assets, accounts payable/receivable and so on and so forth. If your bookkeeper does not use the terms or, even worse, cannot competently explain them to your level of understanding then you need to find common ground with a bookkeeper that can and will.

It is important to feel that every aspect of your business is running the way it should with the right people on board for the growth of the business. If your current bookkeeper shows signs that they are not right for you, then there are other alternative bookkeeping services in Manchester who fit the bill perfectly.

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