5 Caravan and Motorhome Holiday Travel Planning Tips For UK Summer Vacations

AD| If you are starting to look at planning your next UK summer vacation but want something a little different, why not consider a caravan/motorhome-style holiday?

 Caravan and motorhome travel can be extremely exciting and if planned well, can be so much less stressful than your typical holiday abroad. You can take your journey at your own pace, take more direct routes to your destinations, as well as making some super amazing memories and having an awesome adventure with your friends and family. 


Obviously, one of the most important parts of planning your getaway for your first UK caravan holiday is to completely make sure that you’ve carried out all safety and security checks on your car/caravan/motorhome. By doing this, this ensures your vehicle is fit for purpose and you won't come across any breakdown issues on your trip. You'll want to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road, checking tyres, fuel and other fluid levels, and also making sure your have a safe and secure tow-bar for your caravan to attach to.

Before you set off on your trip, it would be very useful and informative to check any driving regulations for caravans/motorhomes, as suggested in The Highway CodeYou’ll need to switch up your driving style when you are towing a caravan, as it will feel completely different to a normal car. You'll need to consider things like vehicle weight, conditions of your brakes, as well as considering your stopping distance, vehicle speed and room needed for manoeuvres. You may even opt for a special driving course for caravans or motorhomes to make sure you are fully confident ahead of your summer trip.

Making sure you go online and check that you have the correct insurance for your caravan/motorhome trip is extremely important. It's not ideal to be spending extra money on something that isn’t necessary, so finding a good deal on your insurance is extremely vital. If it's your first caravan/motorhome travel holiday, it’s probably a good idea to take out some insurance in case of any unplanned issues. This could include breakdowns, repairs or even theft. By researching ahead of your trip, the touring caravan insurance you need can be found at a lower price, allowing you to make sure you’re getting the best quotes and deal for what you require for your trip.

Obviously, journey planning is one of the biggest steps in researching for your caravan/motorhome holiday. You'll ideally want to make an itinerary of how long you wish to spend travelling, places you want to visit, and of course, the route you're going to take for your journeys. There are plenty of online resources that can help you to help plan your trip, giving you the best routes and letting you know the timeframes you will need. I would also recommend setting up a sat-nav, as well as bringing a map, just in case of emergencies. Doing all this planning beforehand will help you to feel less stressed and anxious, and allow you to also to come up with contingency plans if there are any issues on the road ahead.

Whilst planning your trip, it's also wise to make sure you have saved up enough money to last you the length of your trip, but also essential to budget for any additional costs. This could be for things such as food/drinks, parking charges, road tolls, just as a few examples. Having put aside some extra money can help you if anything unexpected comes up and catches you "out of the blue". This money can also cover costs if you want to take detours from your original journey plan and visit other places along the way that were not pre-planned before the trip.

Have you considered caravan or motorhome vacations before? Where would you like to visit?

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