7 Tips For Female Empowerment, Self-Love and Building Body Confidence

 AD - GIFTED | Many people have struggled through lockdown, not only with their day to day working life, but also their dating and social life has been pretty quiet and non-existent, due to the variety of restrictions that were put in place. But with many of those current rules easing, it is now much easier to get back on the dating scene and meet new people, now that we can meet outdoors, go to restaurants and enjoy some drinks at the pubs/bars. 

Lockdown has taught many of us to embrace ourselves, enjoy our own company and make more time for self care and self love. There are many ways how we can feel more confidence, more empowered and more sexually confident when starting to connect with others and begin dating again. Now we can finally go out and about and meet with others, you can now practice those new found skills in real life. Those awkward first dates and nervous giggles will be a thing of the past, as your new found confidence and empowerment will shine through.


It might not be something you think about when starting to date, but meeting new people safely can really help to develop your confidence and improve social skills. Dating sites and apps are increasingly helping to 'meet' safely via video calling or voice calling, helping you to grow closer and connect more easily. Whether that's the typical dating sites like Tinder and Hinge, or something a little different like mybdsmhookups or subsanddoms, whichever sites take your fancy, you're sure to meet people with similar interests to you and get to know them in a safe and fun way. Using dating sites before you finally meet in real life can really help you to feel less anxious, less nervous, and more comfortable, helping to increase your confidence levels and prevent those awkward conversations. Meeting safely is hugely important when starting to date again after a long time. You want to make sure the person you are meeting is genuine and that you will feel comfortable in their company. It's also important to meet in a familiar, safe area to avoid any unwanted problems or dangers.

For those prepping for their big first date, we obviously all want to make a great first impression and look our best. Using beauty salons for manicures or pedicures, getting your hair done at the hairdressers, and getting your brows/lashes done can help with body confidence, mental health and self-care.

When it comes to getting ready for your date, I'm sure we've all been there when your entire wardrobe ends up all over the bed because you have "nothing to wear"Picking cute outfits that you feel confident and comfortable in for date nights can give you that mood boost that you will need, especially if you are feeling anxious or nervous.

Socialising with others can help with mental health as lockdown has made many people feel isolated and lonely. Being around people increases your sense of happiness and well-being, helping to boost your mood and mind set, as well as allowing you to express your thoughts/feelings with others.

Is there anything better than new lingerie? It's empowering, confidence boosting and it makes you feel pretty good. Updating your lingerie collection could be exactly what you need whilst pursuing your body confidence journey. feeling more sexually confident by choosing beautiful and flattering underwear, which can also boost self esteem. There are so many shapes, sizes and styles of lingerie to pick from, there will definitely be something for everyone, and you'll be spoilt for choice!

If you usually play it quite safe on date night, it might be rewarding to choose a more unusual idea for your dates instead of something more generic like dinner and drinks. This can help you feel more confident and empowered, and pushes you out of your comfort zone by forcing you into the unknown. Date locations such as theme parks, crazy golf and other outdoor adventure activities might be worth looking into if you want something fun and different for your next date!


Most importantly, it's necessary to make time for some self care and "me time". We all need to take a step away from reality and have some quality time for ourselves, to help relax, destress and clear your mind. I was kindly sent a parcel filled with female empowerment and mood-setting goodies which included the following items.

1. Lavender Pillow Spray* - This pillow spray is infused with Lavender; a powerful scent that is renowned for its calming and relaxing properties. This could help to reduce your sexual nerves if used in the bedroom, or to calm your anxiety.

2. Amber Noir Candle* - This candle has the most gorgeous, calming yet sexy scent. Deep, musky and sensual, this could be the perfect ambience setter for those bedsheet moments.

3. Empowerment Print* - By having a deep and meaningful quote to live by, it can help you feel strong, powerful, and overall, can help improve your outlook on life.

4. Wellness Journal and Pen* - Having somewhere to note down your thoughts, feelings and goals is all beneficial for personal growth and confidence boosting. Spending 5-10 minutes a day to make notes and spending time to reflect and grow.

Do you have any dates planned soon? What empowerment or body confidence tips do you have?

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