7 Ways To Help Aid Body Recovery Post-Workout

AD - GIFTED | Many people choose to take part in workout classes, exercise and other physical activities to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle and have a positive impact on their mental healthWhether you're looking to get fit, a new user of the gym or you're someone who attends for multiple sessions a week, sometimes the day after a tiring workout can be quite a struggle. 

If you're currently committing to at-home workouts, attending gym classes or getting outside for your workouts, there are plenty of ways in which you can aid your body post-workout. The amount, intensity, and length of your workouts all play a huge role in determining how exhausting it is on your body. Also, things such as your physical body type, stamina and fitness levels are key factors in determining the best way to recover and the length of time necessary. Let's look at 7 ways to help aid body recovery for everyone to consider after your next workout.


Stretching after you've completed your workout for the day can have so many short and long-term benefits. It would be incredibly stupid not to spend at least 5-10mins after every session to work on stretching - it can also double up as your cool down to help slowly get your body back to a normal, resting state. A number of benefits include helping to increase your flexibility, prevent risk of future injuries, and helps to relax muscle tension in your body. 

Consuming enough nutritious foods will give your body the much needed energy, fuel, vitamins and minerals it needs to perform day to day bodily functions and to recover quickly post-workout. Diet plays a huge role in helping the body to recovery after strenuous exercise and tiring workout sessions. After any workout, your body needs time to repair and recover. Making sure to consume enough protein in your diet, especially after your intense workout, can begin to start repairing the muscles.

Consuming enough water before, during and after your workouts helps to control and regulate your body temperature. Making sure to rehydrate is essential for those who have exercised /worked-out intensely or have broken into a sweat. Drinking water and other fluids are essential for your post-workout routine and to aid your recovery. Hydration after a workout is a vital step in your road to recovery. If you’re simply not hydrated enough, your body will not be able to perform at its highest level.


Many individuals, especially athletes and regular gym users incorporate massage into their recovery routine in order to reduce any muscle soreness, easing any of your aches or pain and improving your overall flexibility. Massage also can help to decrease your stress levels, reduce any inflammation, improve circulation in the body and also can help boost your mental health. If you're looking to get your hands on a personalized massage gun, you may want to keep on reading and find out my experiences using Actigun.

Getting enough good, quality rest is easily one of the most effective ways to recover after an intense workout. Sleep is so essential and a plays a key role in your daily bodily functions. Sleep allows your body to slowly repair its muscle tissue, and by making sure you're resting enough each night - 8 hours is a good time-frame, you'll also be reducing your chances of any future injury and struggling with fatigue. It's also essential to ensure you have both a comfortable and support pillow and mattress to ensure your body holds a correct posture all night long.

Not only will a nice cold shower will help you cool off after an intense, sweaty workout, they can also help benefit your body in a number of other ways. Cold showers can also have some amazing effects on your well-being and health. Cold showers help to improve circulation in the body, increase your alertness, speeds up muscle recovery and improves your immunity.

Another vital way you can aid your body into recovery after your workouts is to incorporate rest days into your weekly routine. Rest days are just as important in your routine as exercise is. Obviously, the main reason for this would be to allow your muscles to recover from any strain or damage from previous workouts. It’s needed for muscle recovery and repair, preventing injury and fatigue, and will help to increase your overall performance. Letting your body recover after exercise and getting good, quality rest is the best thing you can do for your body and your fitness goals.

Introducing Actigun


I was kindly sent the Actigun Ace to test out for myself and to see if this massage device could aid my own body recovery post-workout or for when I'm feeling any aches and pains in my body. You may be thinking, what even is Actigun? Well, Actigun is a personalized massage gun installed with an AI Chip - it is made for your physical needs and applicable to all your body parts. 

"Once Actigun is started, the AI chip will react to the condition of your muscles and provide the exact percussive strength you need with a humanized-interactive experience. "


The Actigun is extremely lightweight, at only 1.5lbs, it's incredibly portable and travel friendly. It also comes cord-free and tidies away nicely with a sleek carrying case. You'll be able to bring your Actigun Ace anywhere you go - especially as it has around 4+hours of battery life! Some massage guns can be notoriously noisy, Actigun features a brushless motor and will probably be the most quiet massage tool that you will ever own.

Using the Actigun is incredibly simple. Complete with an ultra HD LCD touch screen display, you can easily see what speed setting level you are using - 30 adjustable speed levels to accommodate all body needs, and also the remaining battery life. You can also easily alter the speed level to your liking with the simple + and - features, depending on your needs. The Actigun also comes with a variety of replaceable massage heads which come in handy when working on different parts of the body. Each massage head is designed to massage differently and get deeper into the muscles to relieve any pain. 


Over the last month, I've been using the Actigun twice a week on various part of my body - mainly my back, shoulders and legs. From the first use, I felt such an improvement with how my body felt. So calming, pressure and pain relieving, it's hard not to use it for hours on end. Even after a long day at work, using this for a few minutes just helps calm and destress the body within minutes. 

The ergonomic, non slip design makes it incredibly easy to use and to reach anywhere on your body with no problems at all. Even with the chosen speed, percussive strength and the vibrations, it's really comfortable to hold and easy to direct to the places you feel any tightness, pressure or pain. With an affordable price tag, a number of ways in which it can be used and such a versatile, high quality product, what's not to love!?

Have you heard of the Actigun? How do you relieve aches and pains after workouts and aid your bodies recovery?

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