The Importance of Cyber Security For Small Businesses in 2024

 GUEST POST| Taking your small businesses online can have its benefits, you can gain a wider audience, you can have your business seen from all over the world and you can gain a good income, but it can also increase the risks of cyber-crime, scams, data leaks and security threats from hackers. Cyber Essentials certification can help your small business and prevent against a range of the most common Internet-based cyber attacks.

Cyber-crime is something that is constantly on the rise, and many small businesses are extremely vulnerable if they aren't trained correctly or have ineffective cyber security installed. Having the correct cyber security training and processes in place is vital part of protecting businesses from online cyber crimes. Small to medium businesses are a prime target for cyber attacks, so it is essential that cyber security is up-to-date and used correctly. Let's take a look at 4 reasons cyber security is important and beneficial for online businesses.

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- Protects Your Business -
Cyber Security and a Cyber Essentials checklist are important factors in this case as it protects any company data from being hacked into, stolen or damaged. Having the necessary cyber security programs and practices installed will protect your business and allow your companies web/network security to be up to date. Making sure to save and back-up any important data and ensure strong passwords are used for your networks are essential protection practices that should be in place. Installing reputable security software on your business computers and other devices will help prevent any infections and breaches. As well as this, as a business, you should probably invest funds in protection services such as firewalls, antivirus, anti-spam filters, and antispyware and keep up with the updates to ensure you are protected. Make sure to turn on automatic system updates for the devices used in your business - smartphones, computers and laptops etc.

- Allow Employees To Work Safely Online -
 "Human error was the cause of 90% of data breaches in 2019" - once your businesses employees have been trained efficiently on the basics of cyber security and how to work safely, you'll be able to look and track what your employees do when they are working online. Making sure your companies network restricts the access to unnecessary websites will prevent any data leaks, and make sure no viruses, no harmful websites or scam emails are accessed. 

To protect against any scams or hacking, make sure to be extremely careful and cautious when accessing any links sent to you within emails, or any other form of contact - social media, for example. When checking your emails, never open emails sent from people you don’t know, proof-read the email for spelling mistakes as usually spam/harmful emails may be worded incorrectly, and also, make sure you are aware of which links are safe to click on and which are not.

If you are looking to provide stakeholders with greater levels of assurance, you may decide to seek Cyber Essentials plus certification. 

cyber security

- Protect Your Business' Reputation -
To ensure there are no data breaches, it's vital to educate all employees in the business, and make them aware of the basics of Cyber Essentials security and keep them up to date with all necessary procedures. It's important all staff are constantly being trained and updated on the best practices of cyber security training.

- Protects Personal Data -
Not only can cyber security protect your business, but it can also protect any company or personal data that is stored on your companies networks and files. By avoiding the use of public WIFI systems, it'll ensure any sensitive data is kept secure and safe, and prevent any unauthorised user access. Whether it’s names and addresses, credit card information or passwords, all company data should remain safe, private and protected. 

Making sure to create and use strong passwords, as well as using Two-Factor Authentication, will protect your businesses important and personal data files, as this will ensure anyone outside the company cannot access important date or files. Having strong passwords are probably the important thing you can do to ensure any hackers are kept out of your sensitive and personal data! Ensure these passwords are now shared with anyone who is not authorized to access your networks and systems.

While data leaks, systems breaches and cyber attacks are on the rise, by implementing some of the security procedures listed above and ensuring your companies employees are trained efficiently, you can begin to improve your cyber security for your business and employees, and keep your businesses data and resources protected.

What other ways can cyber security help online businesses?

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