Simple Online Shopping Tips and Tricks To Help Save Money

 AD| Love online shopping? Need ways to save money? Looking for the best deals? This blog post has you covered! The online world is constantly evolving, and as a result of this, it has made many things in life that little bit easier – including shopping. Online shopping is incredibly convenient, easy, and can save so much time and money, why wouldn't you want to shop this way? Nowadays, you can simply order anything online to be delivered right to your doorstep, including clothes, home appliances, food and drink - the list is endless!

Searching for the best prices online can seem like quite a tedious job, but if you have the right knowledge and know what to look out for, you'll be saving yourself some money. So, if you’ve looking for the bests ways of how to save money when making purchases online, then you will need these simple online shopping tips and tricks for the next time you fill up your basket and head to the checkout.

online shopping

- Use Vouchers and Discount Codes -
Many online retailers offer their customers various vouchers and discount codes when shopping online. There are several ways to get these, for example - signing up to newsletters, seasonal discounts, and installing browser extensions.

Sign Up To Newsletters - Many online stores and retailers will usually reward you for subscribing with a some form of deal, voucher or discount code to use online. This can be extremely useful if you are a new customer to the brand and once you’re on their newsletter mailing list, from time to time, you may receive vouchers or discount codes to your email inbox for other sales and seasonal discounts on their websites.

Seasonal Discounts - Throughout the year, many brands offer seasonal discounts to sell out the old stock in order to offer the customer something new. As well as this, many brands will offer discounts at certain times of the year such as Christmas, Black Friday and end of season sales. These are great opportunities to save money on your online shopping and get the best deals. This is also a great chance to be organised for getting gifts ready for Christmas and birthdays, as you can shop ahead to ensure you find the best online discounts and save as much money as you possibly can.

Installing Browser Extensions - A new way of finding the best deals and saving money online is to download and install browser extensions such as Honey and Pouch. These online plugins will automatically search online for any relevant voucher or discount codes, and apply these to your online basket to lower your total spend.

- Use Cashback Sites -
As well as searching for voucher and discount codes, another money saving tip is to check whether you can earn cashback when shopping online. Websites like My Money Pocket and Top Cashback allow you to earn a small percentage back of the amount you spend online once you complete your purchase through a tracked link. My Money Pocket is a free, money-saving site that offers a number of online discount codes and allows you to earn cashback at over 4,500 brands - including AsosSuperdrug and even Just Eat, to name a few. Cashback websites can seem like a waste of time, and it may seem like a small amount of money to get back if each store only offers 1 or 2% cashback, but over time, this can add up and you could soon be rewarded with 100s of pounds for simply choosing to shop online. 

online shopping

- Use Price Comparison Sites -
To get your product, utility or service at the best price, you might have to visit a number of different websites in order to get the best price comparison. Today, there are a number of reliable price comparison websites with integrated search functions that make it easy to help you find the lowest price. Price comparison websites work by scanning the internet and gathering the total costs from multiple retailers or providers, to ensure you the best rates for products and services you require. You can usually find good deals on utilities, holidays, hotel rental, flights and insurance using websites such as uSwitch, Go Compare and Expedia to name a few.

- Look For Websites Offering Free Delivery -
Many online retailers will usually offer customers free shipping on their orders if you spend a certain amount of money on there store. A great money saving hack would be that if you realise that you are only a few pounds away from qualifying for the free delivery, adding a few more items to your order and spending that little bit more on products can actually help you save some money overall. 

And if the items you added as extras are not suitable or what you expected, most of the time you can easily send them back for a refund. Another option for saving money on delivery costs is to order your items for click and collect in store, or even get them delivered to the post office, local convenience store or your nearest pick up point, as many retailers offer this for free and will save you a few extra pounds.

Online shopping is extremely easy and accessible - but the hardest part about it is trying to remember all the various ways you can go about finding the best deals and saving your money. Once you get the hang of using specific cashback sites and looking for discount codes, you'll be doing it every single time you shop online and will eventually be rewarded with incredible money saving results!

How do you save money when shopping online? What other tips and tricks do you have when looking for the best deals?

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  1. I love online shopping and I am always looking for ideas to up my game. So thanks for this. Cashback sites as well as using voucher codes are among my top tips too. Covered so well!