3 Advantages of Having a Laptop

AD| While it's convenient to have a smartphone, it's better to use a laptop for work and school. It's easy to carry around with you as you travel to your next destination. You feel better when typing things down for a project instead of having a tiny phone screen. Here are some of the benefits of having a laptop.


Lightweight to Carry 
You can have a laptop backpack for carrying your notebook around different places to help you keep everything in order. A personal computer stays in one spot. You have no access to your documents on your desktop unless you have a USB card, email them to you, or put them in an online folder.

Whether you're stuck at an airport for a few hours or dealing with a long commute to work on the train, you take your laptop and take advantage of the WiFi access to catch up with emails and finish editing your work. Also, it's easier on the back if you have to move somewhere for a short time and don't need extra space to lug a desktop computer.

Easier to Power Up
When you have a desktop computer, you need electricity to run it. You never know if you're working on something and the electricity will go out. If you have a power outage while working on a document, you may lose the file or have to recover it from the last time you saved it. However, a laptop with a fully charged battery can last you for a few hours. Not to mention, it doesn't require so many plugs and adapters to get it to work.

A personal computer requires separate adapters for your monitor, keyboard, hard drive, and speakers. It takes up a lot of space and outlets in your room. However, a laptop needs just one adapter to plug into the wall, and everything else is built-in.

Better for Staying In Touch
When you're doing business, it's better to have a laptop. You never know if you need to get on a quick video chat call or go back in forth through instant messaging. You might have an interview, and the employer requests a video call. Laptops come with built-in mics and webcams. For most desktop computers, you need to purchase a separate webcam as well as a clip to hook it onto your monitor. 

Also, you can do teleconferencing from anywhere that has a quiet space with a reliable internet connection. Having a portable computer can make it much easier to move around and still handle business from anywhere.

What other advantages are there of using a laptop?

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