3 Tips for New Hot Tub Owners

GUEST POST | Getting a hot tub for the first time can be as nerve-wracking as getting a new kitten. It’s super-exciting and you’re looking forward to showing it off to all your friends but doubts can set in. 

Am I adult enough to take on this responsibility? How do I look after this thing and make sure it doesn’t die? What do I feed it?  Don’t worry, looking after a hot tub is easy and, although hot tubs aren’t as cute as a kitten, a hot tub won’t jump on you in the early hours demanding food, wee on the floor or pull down your curtains. But hot tubs, like kittens, do need a bit of looking after and so here are some tips for new hot tub owners. 

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Take a Shower Before Getting Into Your Hot Tub 
Yes, taking a shower before getting into your hot tub is tedious and you may wonder why you need to go and stand under some water before getting into a big tub of water. But a hot tub isn’t a bath and it’s not there to clean you. In fact, your hot tub would much prefer it if you got into it clean so you don’t clog up the filter with sweat, skin cells, deodorant, body lotions and the general grime we accumulate on our bodies throughout the day. 

Regularly Clean Your Hot Tub  
Why does your hot tub need regular cleaning if you’re getting into it shower-fresh each time? Because keeping your hot tub clean will keep it in tip-top condition, so drain and clean your hot tub every three months or so, unless you’re using it daily - in which case, you’ll need to clean your hot tub every two months. When it comes to the filter though, that’ll need to be cleaned weekly. Filters are easy to clean though - just remove the filter, get a hose and spray the dirt off, dry the filter and put it back in. 

Don’t Be Scared By The Mention of Chemicals 
We get it, you didn’t think you’d need a degree in chemistry to look after a hot tub. All those mentions of chemicals, PH levels, water being too alkaline or too acidic, sanitisers and chlorine makes you wish you had got a kitten instead. Being jumped on at 4am with a demand for food would be far preferable than trying to understand, let alone care, what a PH level is.

But it’s fine. Don’t panic. If you bought your hot tub from a reputable hot tub retailer, they will have explained everything to you and, even if it all went over your head, you’d have been given an instruction manual with your hot tub. And if the instruction manual is double-dutch to you, a good hot tub retailer will have a decent after-sales service so you’ll be able to ring them for advice any time you need it. 

These are just a few tips for new hot tub owners. Keep yourself and your hot tub clean and you’ll have years of pleasure from it. It goes without saying though - never take a kitten into a hot tub! 

Do you own a hot tub? What other care tips or advice do you have?

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