5 Benefits of Using Fragrances In Your Home

 AD| Just moved into a new home? Or are you looking to give your personal space a little refresh? Why not opt for some home fragrances.

If you're unfamiliar, home fragrances come in a number of forms; candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, room sprays and incense sticks, to name a few. Using fragrance throughout your home can really help to enhance your living spaces. Smell is probably one of our most useful and important senses and it can influence our mood depending on the situation. By choosing the right home scents will let you express and share your individuality with visitors to your home, as well as putting that finished stamp of ownership on to your home.

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By using fragrances throughout your home, it can help create the perfect warm, welcoming atmosphere and might just be that finishing touch you require for making your house feel more like home. Using different scents in the rooms of your home can be very useful for determining the ambience you wish you evoke. For example, in your bedroom you may wish for a calming, relaxing scent like lavender, in your bathroom you may opt for a fresh, clean scent such as clean cotton or citrus, and in your living room/lounge you may go for something more warming like vanilla, amber or ginger. As well as creating a welcoming atmosphere, home fragrances also have the power to help reduce stress and anxiety, especially those infused with calming essential oils such as lavender.

As mentioned previously, home fragrances come in a wide variety. There are various item choices to be made when looking for your perfect product for your home. If you're staying indoors, candles and highly scented wax melts are a good option to go for if you are needing warmth, light and fragrance. Both these options require a little more time as they require melting and burning before you are able to notice the scent from them. 

Room sprays are perfect for those looking for a quick fix. Using room sprays are extremely easy as you can give a quick spritz over the room, and you get instant results. It’s the perfect way to add fragrance to your home quickly and unlike using a soy wax melt/candle, which requires time to melt the wax and burn away to release the scent into your home.

Reed diffusers are probably my go-to option when it comes to home fragrance. Reed diffusers are A popular home fragrance products that produce a constant aroma to any room without using resources such as electricity or heat. They are generally more long-lasting, as a majority of reed diffusers can scent your home for up to 8 weeks. As well as this, diffusers can be a very effective way of scenting your home that requires very little effort - all you need to remember if to rotate your reeds every week or so to keep the scent filling your home.

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Home fragrances come in a wide variety of fragrances to choose from - depending on your preferences. There is absolutely something out there for everyone. Most of the time, brands will produce fragrances to reflect seasonal times of the year, for example - winter berries, spices and citrus for Christmastime, coconut, fresh fruit and sweet scents for summer. Some of my favourite home fragrance scents include vanilla, orange, coconut, pine trees and lavender.

Memory and the sense of smell are linked and intertwined due to the anatomy of the brain. It's believed that certain scents can help you remember certain memories. Familiar scents can easily trigger specific memories that may have occurred years ago and instantly pull you back into remembering another time. In terms of home fragrance, you may have used scents in the past that could help you remember memories from the past such as your childhood home, Christmas times with your family, holidays, your wedding day and even purchasing your first home.

Finally, you will be able to find home fragrances in a number of high-street stores and supermarkets, as well as online for extremely affordable prices, making them available to everyone - especially those who have just moved into their new home, or those on a low income or tight budget. On the high-street, I usually pick up my home fragrance products from Primark. They offer such a variety of scents and home fragrance products to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice. Online, littlemisstwiggietwinkles offers a wide variety of home fragrance products including wax melts, reed diffusers and seasonal products in a great selection of scents - I'd definitely be selecting the perfume and aftershave inspired scents for my home - especially Lady Million and Sauvage!

Do you currently use any home fragrances? What are your favourite scents to use in your home?

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