Must-Have Tech Gadgets and Accessories for 2022

  AD| 2022 has finally arrived! Start your new year the right way by getting your hands on some of these super-useful tech gadgets and accessories. There are so many various gadgets and accessories out there, that can be used for just about anything in your life, it's hard to keep up with new releases and must-have items. 

From fitness accessories, to homeware, to computer and smartphone items, or even gadgets helping you to de-stress and relax, they are all available out there! Below are some of the most necessary, must-have tech gadgets and accessories that you should get your hands on to see you through 2022.

smart watch

- Smartwatches -
Smartwatches are definitely an accessory that everyone will have a use for. They can tell the time, count your daily steps, track your health and sleep habits, and can help you reach your fitness goals. As well as all this, smartwatches are perfect for those wanting to keep up-to-date with their social media notifications messages and phone calls whilst commuting and travelling. 

Most smart watches are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colours, as well as having multiple strap options that’ll be suitable for all ages. If you're looking for some luxury Apple Watch straps, I'd highly recommend browsing online at The Watch Strap Co - who offer an amazing range of watch straps, my favourite would certainly be the black leather watch straps. A leather watch strap is simply sophisticated, timeless and prestigious. It can help make your smartwatch that bit more luxurious, and make it feel like a more high-quality, high-end timepiece. But if leather isn't your preference, they also offer other materials from woven to stainless steel to silicon and many more, the options are endless!

- Massage Guns -
2021 was the year I was first introduced to massage guns, specifically the Actigun. Massage guns are a recent innovation made to help muscle recovery, injury prevention, joint stiffness, increase blood flow throughout the body and improve your flexibility/range of motion. Massage guns are also a unique gadget to own ad only you're in charge on the amount of pressure and time you use to pinpoint on any tense areas of your body. 

- Amazon Kindle -
If you're an avid bookworm, or just someone who wants to take reading up as a hobby for your New Year's resolutions, picking up an Amazon Kindle could be extremely worth it. A Kindle reader can store an insane amount of books offline, we're talking thousands! - making it an incredible solution for those wanting to read on-the-go, or taking with them whilst travelling on long flights or switching off on holiday whilst relaxing by the pool. The Amazon Kindle is also incredibly lightweight, small and fits into even the smallest of bags - no more carrying around those heavy books!


- iPads -
Apple's iPads are probably the most popular tablet in the entire world and there's definitely good reason for that - they can do just about anything and can be used by anyone of any age! Whether you're studying, taking photos/videos, watching videos, playing games, browsing the internet or keeping in touch with relatives, the iPad has it all from the touch of a button, and that's what makes it so fast, so reliable and so accessible. iPads are also incredibly lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry with you day-to-day - much more compact than your regular laptop, so they can be useful for taking to school, to university, to work, or even to be used on your daily commute on public transport or a visit to a local coffee shop.

- Bluetooth Speakers -
A Bluetooth speaker is probably one of the most versatile types of speaker that you can own, and the benefits of owning a one of these speakers are endless. One of the main benefits of these is that you can connect any to device via Bluetooth, whether it be your laptop, phone or tablet, and what's more useful, you don't need an internet connection for use. Plus, you don't need to use them just for music, they can also be used during work conference calls or even personal phone calls.

- AirPods -
Is there anything worse than reaching into your coat pocket or cluttered handbag, in search for your headphones, and finding them in a complete mess? This is why you need to get yourself a pair of wireless earphones to avoid all the stress. Products such as Apple AirPods, are an extraordinary, hands-free, technology gadget, perfect for those who are always on the go. Whether you're travelling, exercising, or just catching up with your friends on the phone, they are definitely a must-have accessory you need to invest in.

Do you already own any of these products? What are your must-have gadgets and accessories for 2022

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