4 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Period Products Worth Trying Now

AD – GIFTED| Are you looking at ways you can begin to have a more sustainable period? Did you even know there are more eco-friendly period products on offer?

The term 'sustainable periods' simply means you're actively changing the products you are using and making a conscious effort to reduce the amount of waste that your periods produce, especially plastics and single-use items. For those who menstruate, and deal with regular periods, the products we choose to use during this time is completely individual, and ultimately, what works for some people, might not work for others. Sanitary pads, followed closely by the use of tampons, are probably the most frequently chosen period products that are used by consumers, but did you know there are other options too? Listed below are 4 sustainable and eco-friendly period products worth trying now.

— Reusable Sanitary Pads 
Reusable sanitary pads are a great way to begin your switch over to having a more sustainable and eco-friendly period. There are a number of reasons to make the switch to reusable pads;
  • Reusable pads decrease the amount of plastic waste that is created.
  • Reusable pads are a much cheaper, and more long-lasting period product compared to regular disposable sanitary pads.
  • Reusable pads are typically much safer to use than regular sanitary pads, as regular pads can sometimes cause skin irritation and contain chemicals.
I was recently sent a box of the Trade To Aid Reusable Sanitary Pads to try out and see if they could help me change up the products I use and to have a more sustainable period. The pack of reusable sanitary pads include a variety of different sized pads, depending on your period flow and the absorbancy that you require. You receive 2 light flow, 2 medium flow and 2 heavy flow reusable pads along with 1 waterproof wet bag to store them in after use. These sanitary pads are suitable for both day and nighttime use, leak-proof and are super comfortable to wear. 

Trade To Aid Reusable Sanitary Pads

The 6 pack of reusable sanitary pads are retailing at £29.97 for 6 – this may seem like a lot of money, but by using them time and time again. These seem to be a more affordable option as you are not constantly buying disposable period pads. As a bonus, for every pack of reusable pads that are purchased from Trade To Aid, they then donate a pack to a refugee or those in desperate need of sanitary. This campaign is in place with the aim to end period poverty to eliminate the taboos surrounding periods.

  Menstrual Cups 
In recent years, the menstrual cup has quickly become a popular sustainable period product to use as an alternative to regular tampons and sanitary pads. The majority of menstrual cups produced now are made from either silicone or rubber, making them reusable, durable and long-lasting. Menstrual cups typically give you longer lasting protection on your period's heavier days, and can usually hold 2-3 times more than a regular tampon or pad. Reusable menstrual cups are a great option for those looking for affordable, safe and effective period products, as they can typically last for between 6 months to a number of years with proper care and use.

 Washable and Reusable Period Pants 
Another sustainable option includes washable and reusable period pants. Over the last few years, many well-known menstrual care brands have been launching period-proof underwear for sale – including online brands like WUKA and Flux Undies, as well as high street brands, Primark and M&S. Most brands have incorporated a variety of styles of period underwear into their production line, including high-waisted briefs to boxer style shorts and even thongs. By having a range of different styles, this allows you to pick styles according to your preferences, and to test and try out multiple products, in order for you to find what is most comfortable and most effective for you. Typically, period pants are manufactured to be leak-proof – perfect for those suffering with heavy flows, as they are designed by using a super-absorbent fabric which is often odour-eliminating too.

— Reusable Tampon Applicators 
Reusable tampon applicators are something I only discovered towards the end of 2021. A reusable tampon applicator is a great alternative to single-use applicator tampons, and are perfect for those who are looking to reduce their use of plastics. Reusable tampon applications are extremely easy to clean and sterilize – you simply rinse with warm water and soap during your period, and sterilize them with boiling water for 5 minutes between your periods. They are also typically made from medical grade material, making them extremely durable and long-lasting, allowing them to be used again and again. They take a little while to get use to, but once you are confident with using them, it's incredible quick and easy.

reusable tampon applicator

Last year,  Lil-Lets made the decision to cease production of all their plastic applicator tampons – saving over 11 tonnes of period waste from landfill or the oceans each year. The new Lil-Lets reusable tampon applicator comes with a money-back guarantee – and will be sold at the introductory price of £12.99 until March 31st, 2022. From then on, they will retail at £17.99. So that's another good reason to make the sustainable switch for a more planet-friendly period.

What period products are you currently using? Would you begin to use a more sustainable option?

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