3 Reasons You Need A mdlondon Hairdryer In Your Haircare Routine

AD | Are you looking to upgrade your current haircare tools? Do you want something that'll keep your hair in good, healthy condition, but still give you the perfect frizz-free blow out? Why not consider the mdlondon hairdryer as your new addition.

Your haircare routine shouldn't feature any complicated steps or difficult to use products. Looking after your hair doesn't have to be tiring or complicated. Once you start using the correct haircare products and appliances for your hair type, you will have dreamy, princess hair in no time.

Nowadays, new haircare tools can take your hair from flat to fab in just minutes, and that's exactly what the mdlondon hairdryer can do. This next generation hair dryer is designed to make hairstyling easy and enjoyable—as we all know, it can be one hell of a chore. 


Variable heat and speed settings
With 3 different speed settings, you're bound to dry your hair in minutes, making it perfect for those in a rush. As with speed, a good hair dryer should also have options on the heat setting. Using the correct heat setting for your hair type is vital because it makes all the difference to the overall appearance and texture of your hair. Featuring heat settings of 100 °C, 80 °C and 60 °C, as well as a cool shot button, makes this hairdryer a multi-use product, for getting the perfect blow-dry. 

Easy to use attachments 
The mdlondon BLOW comes with two magnetic directional nozzles. The smaller, shorter nozzle attachment is ideal for styling bangs, fringes, quiffs and shorter hair. The longer nozzle controls a lot of compressed warm air and this is how you get a sleek, shiny, frizz-free blow dry, really quickly. Both nozzles are easily interchangeable and simply attach to the hair dryer magnetically, making them so easy to use and perfect for on the go
 Lightweight and practical
For those who love to travel, packing hair tools and accessories in your carry-on hand luggage bag can be extremely annoying. They can sometimes be bulky, awkwardly shaped, heavy, and just pretty annoying, but you need to take one as many times, the hotel hairdryers are just not doing the job.

This is where mdlondon could become your new best friend in the hair drying department. This innovative hairdryer features a super sleek and compact design, making it perfect to use both home and away. It is also super lightweight, half the weight of your traditional hair dryer, meaning it won't weight you down, and no more sore arms whilst drying your hair. 

Some other important features, and great selling points, of the mdlondon hairdryer include;
  • The mdlondon Blow is much quieter than your regular hair dryer
  • The product comes with a three-year guarantee
  • Comes in two colour shades of khaki and blue
  • Has a super long and practical 3 metre long cable
  • Self-cleaning that encourages peak performance and longevity
Have you heard of mdlondon before? What are your favourite heat styling hair tools to use?

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