3 Meideya Jewellery Pieces You Need in Your 2023 Jewellery Collection

AD—GIFTED | Are you looking to update your jewellery collection, but not sure what you want to pick? Why not take look at Meideya Jewellery? Whether you're looking for statement style pieces, or something a little more dainty, you're bound to find the newest jewellery pieces to add to your collection.

jewellery collection
Using single pieces of jewellery or a combination that you want to layer up, is the perfect way to easily style and accessorise any outfit. Whether your preference is necklaces, rings, or bracelets, there is always something for everyone.

Very recently, a brand called Meideya Jewellery came to my attention and I wanted to share a little bit about them. Meideya jewellery aims to offer a wide selection of affordable, dainty and ready-to-go jewellery, suitable for everyday wear. Some of their pieces have been handmade, with such intricate designs and simple details. 

Meideya launch lots of new products online every week, so you're always bound to find something to suit your style, and catch the latest fashion trends. 

meideya jewellery

meideya jewellery

Love Hug Ring
The Love Hug Ring is crafted with 18k gold-plated stainless steel, and made to be completely water-resistant. The intricate details are what makes this ring truly special. It would make a great gift for your partner, mum or even a special friend, or even just for yourself as a little pick-me-up treatThis ring is just the most simple, but cute piece—it's a winner for everyone!

meideya jewellery

Lyra Sun Necklace
For those who like statement pendant necklaces, the Lyra Sun Necklace is a perfect choice for you. Inspired of the fierce Sun in blistering summer days, which represents glowing power, burning love and selfless dedication. It features a beaded chain which carries a gold sun pendant. The sun necklace is made for everyday wear, and would make the perfect jewellery accessory for your net summer holiday.

Gold Tassel Chain Bracelet
This bracelet is definitely n essential jewellery piece, perfect for your collection. So simple, yet stunning, it's a good choice for everyone. Its simple details would make it a great layering jewellery piece for those who like to wear multiple bracelets. Dangling with oval gold discs, this dainty gold tassel dangling chain bracelet is simple, made for everyday wear. 

meideya jewellery

Meideya jewellery is created to give people more style options to choose, from minimal to bold, from tiny to chunky, and great quality of enjoyment.

“Embrace it, layer it, style it, make your own jewellery collection.”

Have you heard of Meideya jewellery? What re your favourite jewellery items to wear every day?

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