Easy Styling Tips For Accessorising Rings With Your Outfit

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When it comes to rings, everyone has a different tastes. Gold or silver? Chunky or dainty pieces? So much variety to choose from! Rings are an easy and perfect way to help accessorise your outfit and really elevate your overall look. Whether you opt for a statement piece or get stacking your rings up, they can change the whole vibe of the outfit and add that extra special touch.

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Consider Your Choice of Metal
When it comes to jewellery, you may have preferences to which type of metal you like to accessorise with. Gold? Silver? Rose Gold? If you're one of these people who just like to style with one colour of rings, this can help you coordinate your look and give off more of a polished finish. However, mixing metals is a great way to change up your look and make more of a statement. For rings, mixing metals could be perfect for those who like to stack and layer jewellery, as this can help create a more statement and more noticeable accessory. It's important to make sure you find the right balance between your mixed metals, to make sure you look isn't too over the top and complicated.

Make Sure You Pick The Correct Size
When choosing your rings, it's always a good idea to get an exact ring measurement before purchasing, to ensure it is the correct size for you. When wearing your rings, they should fit comfortably and snug around your finger without leaving any marks, indents or bulges.

Have A Statement Piece
Statement pieces are usually big and bold - definitely pieces that gets attention and you'll get questions about. Some people may wear statement rings for fashion reasons, whilst others wear them for something more personal - it could be a symbol of your religion, your passions, your creativeness or even your family history.

Consider Stacking or Layering Your Rings
By stacking up or layering your rings together, this is one simple way to make a statement with your jewellery. More dainty and delicate style rings are perfect for stacking as they aren't too chunky or bulky on the fingers. When you choose to begin layering or stacking your rings, this will draw attention to your hands, as well as helping to accessorise and complete your outfit. Just remember, less is more - you don't want to over stack your rings or wear too many.

Daisy London Rings

I was kindly gifted some stunning pieces from Daisy London, to help me build my jewellery collection and help me to accessorise with my outfits. For those not familiar with the brand, Daisy London is British jewellery brand known for beautiful, everyday jewellery with meaning - their brand message is "We create pieces that are missing from our own jewellery collections and put them in to yours.Whether you're after stacking rings, signet rings or even rings to give as a gift, Daisy London is a great place to start looking.

Daisy London Rings

Isla Shell Stacking Ring 18Ct Gold Plate - This ring is the more statement piece of the three that I picked from Daisy London and ultimately channels summer beachy vibes. This ring is such a simple and classic piece to add to my jewellery collection, and is perfect for everyday wear. It can be worn alone or stacked together, making it such a versatile piece to add to my collection.

Figaro Ring 18ct Gold Plate - This chain ring is such a different and unique piece - something my jewellery collection was definitely missing. The Figaro ring is extremely dainty but gives off such edgy and elegant vibes. The chain design is unlike anything I have ever seen before and is incredibly stylish - unlike your standard type of ring.

Stacked Rope Ring 18Ct Gold Plate -  The Stacked Rope Ring is a must-have for all ring lovers. This ring features a classic rope design that can help to elevate your look. The design is so cool and effortless, and gives the ring some texture - it'll look so stylish stacked up with other rings. 

Daisy London is the perfect place for jewellery lovers - with a huge selection of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, there is something for everyone at an extremely affordable price!

Have you shopped at Daisy London? What are your favourite types of rings to wear? 

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