3 Tips to Take the Perfect Selfie featuring The Selfie Bag from The Cotton Bag Co.

 AD - GIFTED | Are you looking to upgrade your selfies in 2024? Why not check out some top tips and tricks below to get that 10/10 selfie!

Do you know how to take a good selfie? How many times are we all clicking on our camera, waiting to get the perfect shot? Chances are you've take 1 to 100 shots until you finally got the right one. We all do it. That's because taking the perfect selfie isn't easy, but if you follow some of the tips below, you'll be snapping Instagram worthy selfies in no time.

For those looking for some help with their selfies, I might have just found the perfect thing! The Cotton Bag Co created 
the Selfie Bag to help us all achieve the perfect selfie, and it features a number of useful gadgets to get the best shots! Ditch the paper bags or plastic bags, and get your hands on this stunning custom designed tote bag is the ultimate accessory to make it easier for you to get the perfect photo on the go.

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1. Lighting
In order to achieve a perfect selfie, you need to pay attention to your lighting. This allow can make or break you photograph. Natural lighting will be your best friend, whether that's near a window, or you venture outside. Lighting is a factor that can help to set the mood of the photograph. Good lighting can also help to highlight your good features and to smooth over any imperfections.

Speaking of lighting, the Selfie Bag includes an LED light ring, to give you perfect lighting everywhere and anywhere. The light is super lightweight and simply clips on to the top of your phone, with no messing around - this means you can carry it around whilst you're on-the-go and it wont take up too much space in your handbag. Another great feature is that it comes with a usb lead to charge and has 3 different lighting power settings so you’re sure to get just the perfect lighting.

The Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co

2. Know Your Angles
The way we position our face in front of the camera, and the angles we use will have a huge impact on your final selfie. Using different angles for your selfie will help show off your natural bone structure and help add depth to the photo. This will also allow you to capture your "good side" - because let's face it, we all have one!

Sometimes our arms are not quite long enough, or able to get into the best position for taking the selfie. This is where the selfie stick comes in handy and will soon be your best friend. The best feature for this is that is has Bluetooth, and can connect to your phone within seconds!

3. Consider the Background
When choosing the best selfie to upload to the gram, sometimes they have more than just a face - the background can be eye-catching and help add some interest to your photo. Make sure to keep the background clean, and something that isn't going to be the main focus of your selfie. You would want to tidy up whatever will feature with you, just make sure it's something that’s interesting but not too busy.

The Cotton Bag Co Selfie Bag

So you may wonder what else is included in the beautifully designed selfie bag? This stylish Canvas bag features internal pockets and a zip closure to help keep all your valuable safe and secure whilst you are out and about. Also, a Bluetooth tripod selfie stick, pop up reflector, LED ring light and selfie tip booklet - All for £27.95 inc VAT and P&P.

What are your perfect selfie tips?

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