Discussing Why Luxury Vinyl Flooring Could Be A Good Choice For Your Home

AD| What’s the deal with luxury vinyl flooring? We all want the best deals when we touch up our homes - without purchasing something cheap and tacky, of course. We want a gorgeous floor, but real hardwood is expensive and hard work. Luxury vinyl flooring can be the better deal to achieve the look, and be easily cut into any shape, making them the popular choice for those looking to create intricate pattern designs with their flooring.

The perfect replication of stone and wood with a huge variety of patterns and colours, certainly looks great, but is it cost-effective?


How Much Does it Cost?
To understand the cost of luxury vinyl flooring you will need to consider several factors. The first and foremost being the current state of your existing floor. Vinyl needs to be laid over a perfectly flat and smooth surface due to its softness. If the subfloor is not level, you are going to incur some extra costs in getting it prepared ahead of installation. 

Also, if your floor is concrete and you are wanting vinyl over it, you need to get a damp-proof membrane applied to it beforehand. Other aspects that will influence the price of vinyl will include the design and intricacy of patterns you look to lay.

Per Metre
The cost of vinyl flooring can range anywhere from £20 to £90 per square metre. Being a varying brand product, some vinyl can sometimes be a little pricier than others. The difference is in the quality of the product and its perfectly replicable designs. Either way, it is still much cheaper than real hardwood and stone, which can be expensive to replace and often does further damage to areas upon removing them and to surrounding sections.

Installation can be a cost-effective exercise due to its ease in clicking together planks yourself, but if you choose to go with the glue down tile option it is usually recommended to bring a professional on board. If your floor does require levelling, then you are going to incur extra costs. The time it takes to install the flooring can sometimes be a slow process, especially with glue-down tiles which require a special adhesive that will take up to 10 minutes per tile.

If you do choose to install by yourself, extra care will have to be taken to install in line with manufacturers guidelines to not void your warranty. Mistakes can be made but are extremely hard to rectify. One thing you cannot find fault with luxury vinyl flooring is the vast quantity of brands available, from Invictus to Luvanto and beyond, you are not losing out with what you pay for in either choice you make.

If you are reading this in the hopes of getting the best for your money, luxury vinyl flooring is the best deal on the market.

Have you considered installing luxury vinyl flooring in your home? What other flooring options have you explored?

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