6 Reasons Why Streaming Concerts Will Never Replace Live Music

 AD| Streaming concerts have picked up out of necessity over the last couple of years, but there's no reason to fear that live shows are going to be replaced forever. Although you can more easily visit a digital concert, these are the top reasons why viewing these performances in person will always be king.

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The Human Connection of the Crowds
When you're in a huge crowd of people who also enjoy what you do, there's a human connection that you can't get from just a chat room. You get to talk to others, feel a human link in person, sing along with the more popular songs as a group, and enjoy the rush of knowing that you're part of a community in person. Although you can be in a community online, seeing it in person makes it feel more real. Two thousand people in a live stream is nothing, but two thousand people in a stadium singing along together can feel emotionally powerful.

The Audio Quality of Music in Person
When you listen to a live show online, your sound experience is controlled entirely by whatever recording equipment they use and whatever speakers you have at home. This can be very limiting. At live concerts, you get to listen to them sing through fantastic speakers, or sometimes without any audio equipment at all. Although you can find musicians for hire outside of concerts for this experience, getting to see it with your favourite celebrity is unique.

Getting to Be in the Same Room as Stars
There’s nothing as incredible as getting to be in the same room as the stars you love! Even though a concert hall is often massive, you can sometimes get within a few hundred feet of a celebrity, and that can be thrilling. This is especially fun if it's someone whose career you've followed for years! It gives you the chance to see they're a real person putting their all into their career.

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The Incredible Adrenaline Live Shows Offer
The average person experiences a sublime rush of adrenaline during a live show. This is why some people cry at concerts, even if they're not sad. You get an intense swelling of emotion, and your chest can feel like your heart is going to beat its way out of your ribcage in excitement. This is something you can also experience through streaming concerts, but it's not as common an experience through a stream as it is in a show.

The Unique Memories This Creates
Streaming can give you the chance to create memories, but none are as unique or interesting as creating memories of a concert in person. You can grab dinner before you go, take your seats, and say that you saw a performer you adore in person! This is unique and incredible beyond any stream.

Streaming is Fine: But Live Concerts Rock
Of course, you can stream if you can't attend concerts right now! It's more than recommended for the average person. Still: it's a good idea to remember the joy of live shows and know that they're not going to leave for good, even if you can't attend one right now.

Do you enjoy live music shows? Who are your favourite bands/artists/musicians?

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