4 Tips To Help You Travel Safely With a Medical Condition

 AD| Taking a trip abroad is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself. There's simply no reason why you should let any of your existing medical conditions stop you from exploring the worldHaving a medical condition doesn't need to make your travel plans stressful and overwhelming. Instead, it means you will probably need to allow extra time, extra precautions and extra preparation before you leave, to ensure all needs are accounted for. 

Obviously, it's important that you research into your chosen travel destinations, as you want to choose the right place to meet your needs. For example, if you have mobility problems, you won't want to be climbing hills and mountains whilst on holiday. Whether you have any form of disability, suffer with a mental health issue or are currently suffering from an illness, there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure your holiday plans aren't a total failure. Listed below are 4 tips to help you travel safely with a medical condition.


Firstly, for those who are currently taking prescribed medicines, it's essential that you carry your medication to cover the entirety of your trip. You will need to plan out in advance what medication you require, and ensure you order enough to cover your time away. It's important that you carry your medication in your hand luggage or handbag in case your hold luggage gets lost, or you need to access your medication straight away. You may even consider taking some extra medication in case of any travel delays or diversions.

In order to travel safely with medical conditions, it's vital that you take out the correct travel insurance that you require. You must make sure to declare your medical conditions or illnesses when you purchase it to make sure it's valid and up-to-date. This will ensure you are covered for any situations that might occur whilst you are travelling.
If you suffer from any type of cardiology or respiratory conditions, you may need to travel with oxygen to ensure your safety and medical needs are looked after. For those travelling, the use of oxygen has become a much easier experience, especially with the evolution and development of portable oxygen, with retailers such as The Oxygen Store making oxygen-based products widely available and suitable for all your travel needs. If your medical condition requires you to travel with oxygen, you’ll need to ensure you speak with your chosen travel provider or airline to make sure you are aware of what is and isn’t accepted whilst travelling. Also, if you know that you will require oxygen, make sure that you carry enough to cover your trip, and ensure you carry refills in case of any delays.

Another part of your travel planning is to make sure your medical paperwork is correct and current. It may also be worth making an appointment to visit your GP or doctor before you book your next holiday, so they can carry out any necessary tests to ensure you are fit to travel, have any vaccinations and give you copies of your documents. In advance, you can make copies of your documents and ensure you carry your medical paperwork with you at all times whilst you are away. This will help you stay organised, and prepared if anything happens whilst you are away.

What other safety travel tips do you use?

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