7 Benefits of Private Healthcare

GUEST POST| A healthcare system funded by the public has long been considered a backbone when it comes to providing community healthcare needs, especially in the UK, where the NHS is free at the point of use. However, there are also several private healthcare businesses that are an option for people who wish to take that route. Some people are willing to pay the additional cost of insurance or a premium price at the point of use to get the benefits of private healthcare. Despite being more expensive, there are some benefits of private healthcare that you may want to consider if you require a treatment or procedure.


Quality Healthcare
Private healthcare will get you top-quality healthcare that is just as good as you can expect from the NHS. Many doctors, consultants, nurses, and other healthcare specialists work in both the public and the private sectors. However, what makes the difference between public and private healthcare is that you can often get premium service that is not available on the NHS, such as your own private room for treatment and recovery.

Reduced Waiting Time 
Another main benefit of using a private healthcare provider such as Circle Health Group is that there is a much shorter waiting time. When you are paying for your healthcare, you can be prioritised in a way that is simply not available when it comes to publicly funded treatments, which typically have long waiting lists that may even be detrimental to your health in the meantime. Circle Health Group offers a wide range of different healthcare treatments and procedures including general surgery, cancer treatments, knee and hip surgery, and more, with little to no waiting time for patients.

More Choice
Unlike publicly funded healthcare where patients are allocated healthcare providers on a first come, first served basis depending on the treatment that they require, private healthcare offers a larger choice of healthcare professionals to the patient. It may be possible to choose from a list of doctors or surgeons to carry out your treatment, for example.

More Personalised Care
You might have already experienced the common situation where you visit your local GP with a concern and are told to return if your situation doesn’t improve. When you go back, you might have to explain the situation all over again to a different GP. In the public healthcare system, the strain on GP's is huge, meaning that for many it’s impossible for them to get to know their patients or spend as much time with them as they would like. On the other hand, GP's and consultants at private hospitals spend as much time working but see fewer patients, giving them the opportunity to get to know you better and provide a more personalised, one-to-one level of care.


Better Facilities
When you are paying for private healthcare, you will get luxurious and top-class facilities. Unlike the publicly funded healthcare system, private hospitals don’t have a stretched budget holding back comfort. Since they are funded by insurance companies and self-paying clients, they are better able to purchase the newest and best equipment, put money into creating a better and more luxurious environment for their patients, and invest more in employing leading consultants and other healthcare professionals.

Support the NHS
While it might sound counterproductive, getting private healthcare when and if you can, may actually help to support the NHS, which is currently overstretched and overburdened. With the number of patients that are awaiting NHS treatment only expected to grow even further over the next few months and years, if you have health insurance or can afford private healthcare, you can take some strain off the NHS and ensure that it is more available for those who do not have an alternative option.

Are There Any Disadvantages?
As with anything, there are some disadvantages to be aware of when it comes to getting private healthcare in the UK. This includes the cost of insurance or one-off payments. Some insurance plans may not always cover the cost of the treatment for some diseases, illnesses, or injuries, and you will only get what you pay for – the more insurance cover you want, the higher your monthly or annual premium is going to be. Because of this, it’s a good idea to shop around and make sure that you have done your homework when getting private medical insurance. The right medical insurance will cover all or some of your medical bills when you get private healthcare. You may wish to get it in order to use private healthcare for all your medical needs, or as a way to subsidise the care that you can get from the NHS. It is also worth bearing in mind that even if you have private health insurance, you will still be obliged to pay for the NHS out of your taxes.

If you want faster, more personalised healthcare with more luxurious facilities and a bigger choice, there are many benefits of private healthcare to consider. 

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