5 Home Office Tips To Help Create The Perfect 'Work From Home' Setup

AD| The reality of working from home has become recently much more popular over the last year than ever before. Due to the current global coronavirus pandemic, many of us are swapping the daily commute to the office, and instead making it a trip to the home office, dining table or lounge. It's definitely a massive lifestyle change for some people, but there are a number of things you can do to make this swap easier and more comfortable.

If you’re currently working from home and will be continuing this for a while, setting up the perfect home office space to work in can make all the difference to your working routine. It’s where you'll be going daily and will be spending a large part of your day there, so you want to make sure you’re going to be as productive as possible and get your job done without any distractions.

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One of the most important things you can do whilst working from home is to separate your work and home life. This can be extremely difficult for some people, but with the right mindset, a regular daily routine and having set rules put in place, you can still remain motivated and productive whilst you're out of office. Simple things like getting out of bed and getting dressed, working from your at home office or even a desk and not your bed, are just some easy changes to make to get you setup correctly for working from home. By making these changes, it helps you to keep your working routine without being too relaxed, and can help you get the right work time and home time balance.

If you sit in your chair all day for long periods of time, it is absolutely necessary to have a quality chair. Investing in a comfortable chair is probably one of the best things you can do, both for comfort and for health purposes. Having an uncomfortable and unsupportive chair will be causing you back aches and pains, leading to poor posture and slouching. Home office and executive chairs are probably your best option whilst working from home, as they are designed ergonomically to provide the best comfort and support for all day use, as they supports the lower back and promote good posture. Executive chairs are made to look good, helping to make your at-home office look more professional and chic.

Getting plenty of natural light into your office space is extremely important for various reasons. Not only does natural light help us to focus better, but it can boost concentration, alertness and productivity, enabling us to get more done during the day. As well as keeping you productive, natural light is extremely beneficial for the health of your eyes, as it decreases glare from your computer screen and causes less strain to the eyes.

Something to consider is adding some greenery and plants to your at-home office setup. Home office plants can offer a number of benefits from reducing stress levels, boosting your overall mood, and improving perceptions of the workspace. If your office looks calm and welcoming, you're bound to want to spend more time in there, helping to boost your creativity and productivity.

Keeping your desk clutter free and tidy allows you to be more productive allows you to fully concentrate on the tasks at hand. Having a tidy workspace will allow you to find what you need, when you need it, without added stress and with no more wasted time looking for misplaced documents. Keeping on top of any mess in your office should be a priority as it will lead to fewer distractions and fewer mistakes whilst working at home.

Are you currently working from home? What tips do you have for setting up your at-home workspace?

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