4 Advantages Of Using a PAJ GPS Tracker Device For Your Vehicle

 AD| Are you looking at getting a tracking system for your vehicle, but unsure of the benefits? Why not consider a GPS tracker device?

GPS car trackers have seen evolving technology and specifications, as well as a noticeable rise in popularity in recent years. Many individuals have simply thought it was only businesses that needed to track cars or other vehicles, but many consumers are now realising the advantages of using such a system on their own personal car for their own benefit.

PAJ GPS is one of the leading European brands in the field of track devices, which was established in Germany. Their vehicle tracker helps you to track and monitor any object in terms of its position using satellite signals and networks, using a range of technology. 

In addition to tracking positions, PAJ vehicle tracker can track the vibrations above certain frequencies. You can track anything, anywhere, and protect what you love. If you're still interested in learning more, here are 4 advantages of using a PAJ GPS tracker device for your vehicle.

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Long Battery Life
A great feature of the PAJ Power Finder 4G is how good the battery life span is. The 10,000 mAh battery lasts approximately 40 days with an active tracking duration of approx. 1h / day. You won't have to worry about charging the tracker for a long time. It will give you up to 90 days of battery life in standby mode, which is perfect for those who will use it constantly, as you know it'll always have power.

Outstanding 4G Network Coverage
Our trackers access the 4G network, which makes them faster and with a greater coverage. PAJ GPS is always at the forefront of technology to provide our customers the newest devices and the best service. As well, the SIM card will always search for the best available network, keeping you up to date and connected at all times.
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It Can Be Linked To The App
Once you download the app, via both the Google Play Store and Apple Store. where all your data can be reached at the touch of a button. The PAJ GPS Tracker features also include, real-time location which is updated every 30 seconds365 days' of route information saved – including date, time, speeds, and location. The Power Finder 4G NEW generation of GPS trackers with 4G network coverage, for example in cars, mobile homes, and even on boats. This device has global coverage, with network access in more than 100 countries, so when you're connected to the app, you can view and analyse all your date within seconds.

Increased Security 
GPS trackers are incredibly useful as they can help vehicle owners protect one of their most expensive, and largest personal assets from thieves. Depending on the GPS device you choose, the PAJ Power Finder 4G has a built-in vibration and motion alarm, so it can use sensors to set off an alarm to deter theft and keep your belongings sage. 

Safe zones, otherwise known as a geo-fence, is a virtual fence around a specific location, you will be sent an instant message when the tracker enters or leaves the virtual border, acting as an early warning system for theft. 

Do you currently use a GPS tracker? What do you think is their best feature?

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