Outfitting Your First Shared Bedroom - What Every Couple Needs

AD| Moving in with a partner is an exciting milestone in any relationship. It also has its challenges as you both learn about each other’s idiosyncrasies and quirks – and argue about who’s turn it is to do the dishes! One of the most enjoyable elements of living with a partner for the first time is decorating your place together.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms to get right. It is a space where you will need to be able to relax and unwind together and ensure that you have space for all your belongings. Here are some of the essential things to buy for your first-ever shared bedroom.


One of the most crucial elements is ensuring there is enough storage space for both of you. This can get tricky if you’re both shopaholics! At a minimum, you will each need your own space in a wardrobe and chest of drawers. Whether you can share one of each between you both is the next question. If you have limited space in the bedroom, it may help to consider different storage solutions. For instance, you could get some boxes to store clothes under the bed or use in-built storage to save space.

Curtains are essential for both privacy and getting a good night’s sleep. It is important to choose curtains that appeal to both of you, so it may help to go window shopping to get an idea of how your home décor tastes align. You could choose from many different kinds of curtains, from insulating curtains to blackout or lightweight curtains. It can help if you’re both on the same page about what you want from your curtains and do your best to compromise when you disagree.

Lighting is all-important in the bedroom. Bedrooms are typically multi-functional rooms where we do everything from folding laundry to packing bags for holidays to sleeping. Therefore, it can help to invest in lighting of varying types so that you will always have the best lighting for the situation. You could consider a dimmer switch that will allow you bright clear lights when doing housework and mood lighting for evenings in bed. Bedside lamps are also a must for any couple who tend to have different sleep schedules.

Your first mattress with a partner can make a big difference to your quality of sleep. It is crucial that you are both satisfied with the mattress you choose – this is one thing that it can be detrimental to compromise on. While mattress shopping can sometimes be tedious, there are ways to make the process easier. For instance, you could use an online comparison site to get an idea of the options out there and make a shortlist to try out in person. Check out this list from The Mattress Guide that answers the question: what is the best mattress?


Pillows are often simpler to buy as a couple, as you can each choose the pillows that suit you and your needs best. It is helpful to test out different pillows to find the ones that will provide the best support and enable you both to get the best sleep possible.

Mirrors are a great way to help make a small room look larger, bring in extra reflected light and, of course, get ready in front of. You could consider a wide hanging mirror that has plenty of room for both of you to do your final preparations for the day in front of, or choose a full-length mirror to help you both decide on outfits.

Dressing Table
A dressing table can be the perfect addition to a shared bedroom. If you have space, you could invest in a large dressing table designed to fit two or choose a more traditional dressing table that you can each use in turn. The dresser could contain makeup, aftershave, cufflinks and jewellery – essentially any of the finishing touches for when you’re getting ready for an event.

Colour Scheme
Choosing a colour scheme that you both like can be a challenge. It may help to choose a neutral theme so that you can both incorporate decorations and ornaments in your favourite colours. White, beige, pale blue and grey are all great colours that contrast nicely with most other colours.

The scent of a room is an often under-utilised element of home decoration. Our sense of smell is closely linked with emotion and memory, meaning that the right scent can play a massive part in creating a relaxing and enjoyable bedroom environment. Again, it is crucial that you choose a fragrance that both of you enjoy. You could consider experimenting with different scents or using essential oils and room sprays to make your bespoke home scent. It is vital not to use fragrances too heavily as an overpowering home scent can end up being the opposite of relaxing.

Do you currently share a bedroom with your partner? What other home décor essentials have you included in your living space?

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